Our Kitchen

Your stay at Kicking Horse Kabins really can be as individual as you. We can make your stay totally unique, suited to your individual request, different from just about any private lodge you may have stayed in before. We can help you take breakfast or your evening meal to another level.

In addition to our ‘breakfast basket’ options, during your stay at Kicking Horse Kabins, you have the unique opportunity of having our private chef come into the lodge and cook a wonderful three course meal, finishing with our own home made chocolates for your group (minimum 4 persons).

Good food is an essential ingredient of our Private Chef Experience, so if you are planning a celebratory meal, or simply just having a busy day and don’t want to cook or go out to a restaurant, why don’t you have the restaurant come to you?

Your stay at Kicking Horse Kabins can include our Breakfast Hamper packs, BBQ packs and our excellent Artisan Pizza Delivery Service.

As we’ve said many times on this site already, your stay at Kicking Horse Kabins really is as individual as you!

Please note: All catering options, including BBQ packs, pizza’s and breakfasts are subject to the availability of our Private Chef.

To avoid disappointment, please do order as early as possible. Ideally an absolute minimum of 7 days’ notice is required for the Private Chef Experience, and with our other options, whilst we can often cater to last minute requests, we cannot guarantee availability.